Frequently Asked Questions

Fundzzle Basics

What is Fundzzle and what are the benefits?

Fundzzle is an eco-friendly invitation, personal and charity fundraising service all wrapped into one privately and securely. Fundzzle is a time-saving, eco-friendly and charitable way to plan any event.

Simplify party planning with free online invitations, RSVP tracking, messaging and thank you cards. The platform provides the option to raise funds for a great group gift, a charity or both. It encourages charitable giving and eliminates receiving too many gifts that are never used or discarded into landfills. Guests will love the convenience of contributing online and the time saved searching for that perfect present, wrapping and card. More fun for everyone!

How does Fundzzle work?

The organiser creates and sends a personalised invitation to all invited guests. The invitation specifies the event details and a link to RSVP. The organiser can view all guest RSVPs and manage all communications such as updates, reminders and thank you notes from the organiser’s private dashboard.

If the organiser chooses to raise funds with the event, the group gift and/or charity selected, and their respective allocations will also appear on the invitation. Invited guests are then also given the option to contribute when they RSVP. Once the event is closed, Fundzzle will send payment to the organiser for the group gift (to go buy that perfect gift) and send payment for the charity portion directly to the charity.

How is Fundzzle environmentally friendly?

All gifts are thoughtful and appreciated but sometimes we receive too many or they are not practical. By contributing to the group gift, whether it is for a scooter, jewellery or a trip, give them something they really want and/or support the charity they care about. Contributing to a Fundzzle event eliminates the potential for excessive packaging, wrapping, cards and possibly gifts to end up in a landfill.

How is the event private?

Fundzzle invitation pages are not publicly accessible. To ensure the privacy of the event, only invited guests may access the invitation and submit an RSVP. After the RSVP is submitted it can no longer be changed, edited or resubmitted and the guest will receive a confirmation of the RSVP and if applicable, the contribution.

What information is shared with invited guests?

Guests will view all details on the invitation: the event details, the specified group gift and/or charity and the respective allocation selected by the organiser. The guest list is only visible if the organiser has selected this option and will display the name and RSVP status of all invited guests . Guests do not see the contributions, wishes or comments made by other guests. However, the organiser may choose to export and share the wishes in a group card.

How are the contributions collected and secured?

All contributions are collected via the regulated payment provider MANGOPAY SA and are escrowed and safeguarded in a ring-fenced bank account on behalf of the respective organiser, charity or both. These funds are segregated and not included as assets and are solely for the benefit of the organiser and/or charity.

How are funds allocated to the group gift and charity?

When the organiser selects the option to fundraise, they are prompted to choose the percent allocation towards the group gift and/or the charity. The organiser may choose to allocate 0%, 10%, 15%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 85%, 90% or 100% to the charity. For instance, if the organiser selects 25% for the charity, 75% of the funds are allocated to the group gift. The organiser can choose to allocate 100% of the funds to the group gift or 100% to the charity.

Is there a fee to use Fundzzle?

The Fundzzle platform is free to create an event, send invitations, track RSVPs and collect wishes for the group card. Guests are not charged a fee when they RSVP or contribute and charities are not charged any membership or payment fees.

If the organiser selects the option to fundraise for group gifts and/or good causes, a management fee applies for the services rendered to the organiser. The management fee applies to every contribution collected plus applicable VAT as follows:

  • Fundzzle fee is 3% plus VAT or 3.6% VAT inclusive. Prior to 01/02/2021, the fee was 5% plus VAT.
  • Card payment transaction fee is 1.9% + £0.20 plus VAT or 2.28% + £0.20 per contribution VAT inclusive.

Once the fee is deducted, the funds will be allocated to the respective ring-fenced accounts on behalf of the charity and/or organiser according the % allocation to each.

Please note that VAT is assessed on the above fees and not the Contributions raised.

When is the fee collected?

The payment provider deducts the fee from each guest contribution as soon as it is received. The funds (contribution less the fee) are then allocated to the group gift, charity or both based on the percentage selected by the Organiser. The funds are then safeguarded in a ring-fenced bank account on behalf of the respective Organiser (as the Group Gift Funds) and Charity (as the Charity Funds).


Can I use Fundzzle without fundraising?

Yes, you may use Fundzzle as e-invitation service, to send invitations, collect RSVPs, message your guests, send thank you cards and much more! When creating your invitation simply ensure the option to fundraise is unchecked.

Can I use Fundzzle to create a group collection without a gathering or video chat?

Yes, you can set up a Fundzzle collection without a gathering or video chat. When creating your event, please use the date fields to indicate how long the collection will be open. You can also leave the location and address fields blank.

What if I am concerned how my guest’s will react if I am fundraising with my event?

Contributing is optional and not required to RSVP to your event. Most guests will appreciate your desire to get one great eco-friendly group gift and/or support a special cause if you share your event with a charity. They will also enjoy the convenience of the easy RSVP and gift-giving experience, saving them time to look for a gift, wrapping and a card. Below is a suggestion to add to invitation to help alleviate this concern:

We hope you can join us in celebrating this occasion. Please know that your presence is the best gift you could provide! However, should you feel inclined, any contribution will be sincerely appreciated!

What are the requirements to create an invitation?

To create and save an invitation as the organiser of an event you will need to register by signing up and creating an account. For that purpose, you must be at least 18 years of age or, if higher, the legal age in your jurisdiction and agree to the Fundzzle Terms of Usewhen registering.

What are the requirements to fundraise?

If you are a organiser fundraising for a group gift, you must provide additional registration information prior to sending the invitations to guests, and in order to withdraw the group gift funds submit the verification documents and banking information as required by the payment provider. These requirements are outlined in the Terms of Use.

Why must the organiser provide additional registration information and verification documents?

This is only required if your fundraising includes a group gift for which the funds will be withdrawn by the organiser. It is part of our KYC* policy and ensures the safe transfer of the group gift funds to your account. Our charity partners have been pre-verified, and this process is not required if you are fundraising for a charity only.

*KYC stands for Know Your Customer and entails the whole verification process of our users. This process is part of the anti-money laundering regulation, known as AML, which requires institutions such as our regulated payment provider Mangopay to make sure that money transacting through their system has been acquired and distributed legally.

What is the private dashboard?

From the private dashboard, the organiser tracks all RSVPs (status, comments, wishes), manages the guestlist and sends communications to guests such as updates, reminders and thank you messages. The organiser has ongoing visibility of the total contributions collected, the fee breakdown and the remaining funds allocated to the group gift and/or charity. The “Close Event” and “Withdraw” group gift funds action buttons are also available. The organiser has visibility to all events they are organising and invited to.

What happens when I close my event?

Once the event is closed, guests may view the invitation but can no longer RSVP or contribute. You may still access your private organiser dashboard to withdraw the group gift funds, message guests, send thank you notes, view or export their wishes and request your Fundzzle Certificate. If you are fundraising for a charity, the charity funds are sent directly to your chosen charity.

How are funds distributed after the event is closed?

Any funds allocated to a charity will be sent directly to the charity via BACs after the event is closed. To collect the group gift funds, the organiser must activate the withdrawal process from their private dashboard and meet the requirements as outlined in the Terms of Use.

Once the payment withdrawal request is validated and authenticated by the payment provider, the group gift funds are transferred via BACs to the organiser bank account.

How to invite children but not siblings or parents to my child’s birthday party?

When creating the guestlist, you may enter the invited child’s first and last name and associate it to the parents/carers email address. Also, under Additional Event Details on the invitation, you may specify “sorry no siblings” or “drop off party”.

Group Card

How do I generate a group card?

The group card feature is available from your private dashboard after you create and save an event. After invitee(s) RSVP with a message and/or a corresponding image for the group card they will be automatically appear for you to preview, edit and generate the group card as a PDF. You may edit and download the PDF card at any time and as often as you wish. You can share it electronically as a group e-card or print it as a f olded card.

How do I print the card as keepsake?

Instead of sharing the card electronically, you can have it printed as a keepsake card. For the best quality, we recommend sending the PDF to your local print shop. Ask them to create a half-fold card or booklet if there are multiple pages on A3 paper – so when folded in half, it is the size of an A4 measuring 210 mm x 297 mm. We find 160 GSM or 300 GSM weighted paper works well. Most print shops will mail it for you as well. If you prefer to print it yourself, please follow the steps below to print as a half-fold card on A4 paper. Please note once folded, the card will be the size of an A5 greeting card measuring 148 mm x 210mm. To print the booklet on A4 paper from a single-sided printer:

  1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Select the Print button.
  3. In the print dialog box, choose Booklet and Both Sides.
  4. Print one side of your booklet, then follow your printer instructions to reinsert and print the opposite side for each sheet needed.
  5. Fold each page in half and collate.

Is the group card free?

The group card feature is free and available with all Fundzzle event types: invitation only, group gift collection, charity fundraising or both a group gift and a charity collection at the same time. You can share it electronically as an e-card, print at home or send it to a professional printer for the best results.

Is it optional for invitees to add a message or a picture?

Yes, it is optional to participate in the group card signing and contribute to the group collections (if applicable to the event) when submitting an RSVP. If a picture is not added to the group card their name will appear with the corresponding message along with a coloured square.

Do I have to use the group card feature?

No, it is optional. We suggest when creating your invitation to add a message that you will not be using the group card feature for your event and to skip the group card wish section when they RSVP.

What can the organiser edit in the group card?

The organiser can edit the title that appears at the top of the group card, update the group gift (if applicable), add a group message on behalf of the group and delete greetings from the invitees. In the preview page, we provide you to the flexibility to delete messages and their corresponding image in case it is inappropriate or if you only want to include greetings from invitees that have contributed to a collection (you may want to clarify this on the invitation before sending it out to avoid disappointment).

Can an invitee resubmit a greeting?

If you are not satisfied with a specific greeting or message, you can request they resubmit. To do this, simply add them as a new guest and resend the invite. If they have already contributed, they can simply uncheck the contribute box when they RSVP with their revised message and picture. Just make sure to delete the unwanted greeting when you generate the group card.

I am having trouble downloading the Group Card PDF

You many need to install a free application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Google PDF Viewer on your device. Also, please check your settings to ensure the Block Pop Ups function is turned off. This can be found in the Safari (iPhone) and in Chrome (Android) applications.


Is it optional for guests to contribute as they RSVP?

Contributing is optional and not required to submit an RSVP. The option to contribute is only available if the organiser has chosen to fundraise for causes indicated on the invitation.

Are guests required to create an account to RSVP?

Guests can RVSP and contribute without creating an account. However, creating an account does provide a quick and easy access to view all invitations in their private dashboard.

Can a guest RSVP as “not attending” and still contribute?

Guests may contribute even if they are not attending the event. The option to contribute is only available if the organiser has chosen to fundraise for causes indicated on the invitation.

I want to bring a gift instead of contributing, how do I RSVP?

Contributing is optional and not required to RSVP. Simply RSVP and decline contributing when prompted. You may specify in the comment section that you are bringing a gift in lieu of contributing. Only the organiser has visibility of the comments and the contributions.

Can I change my RSVP?

Guests cannot change their initial RSVP and contribution once it has been submitted. Please contact the organiser directly if there are any changes to your RSVP status.

What is required to submit an RSVP?

In order to submit an RSVP, all guests must select an RSVP status (attending or not). If “attending” has been selected, the guest will be prompted to enter the number of adult and/or child guest(s) and is given the option to provide a contact phone number. All guests, regardless of their RSVP status are given the option to provide comments (such as allergies, food restrictions or reason for declining), wishes (such as Congratulations or Happy Birthday) and contribute if applicable to the event.

What is the guest contribution process?

When guests select the option to contribute, they will be prompted to enter in the contribution amount. A minimum of £5 is required to contribute. The guest is then taken to the payment page where the payment details are managed and collected by the payment provider. Once the payment is accepted, a confirmation number will be displayed and sent via email to the guest.

The organiser and Fundzzle do not have visibility of the payment card details submitted through the payment provider.

I can’t find my invitation to an event?

No problem. Go to, click on “Find Event” at the top of the page. Enter your email address and we will resend you a link to all ongoing events you have been invited to. Remember to use the email address to which the organiser most likely sent the invite to. Alternatively, you can sign up and create an account to quickly access and manage all your Events (those you are invited to or organisering) or start your own event as well!


What is required of the featured charities?

Charities are not charged any of the costs associated to becoming a partnered charity or any of the payment transfer fees. Our mission is to provide a time saving, eco-friendly invitation service that encourages charitable giving. If you are registered charity and would like to learn more, please visit the Charity Partners page accessible at the bottom of our website.

My favourite charity is not featured on Fundzzle?

Please use the “Contact Us” button at the top to suggest a charity you would like to see featured on Fundzzle. Please note the time it takes for the charity to submit the required registration documents varies by charity and could take some time.

Does Fundzzle claim the Gift Aid?

Contributions made to a Fundzzle event, whether the organiser is crowdfunding for a group gift, a charity or both, are not eligible for Gift Aid. HMRC regulations do not allow the organiser to Gift Aid the charity funds as the donation must be the donor’s own money and not collected on behalf of someone or a group of people. You cannot Gift Aid money collected from family, friends or work colleagues.

What about tax?

Contributions received for the group gift are usually considered to be “personal gifts” and are not taxed as income. However, there may be unique instances where the income is in fact taxable depending on amounts received, the use of the funds and other factors. We recommend that you consult a tax professional if in doubt.

What is a Fundzzle Hero and how does one get featured?

We regularly feature events that have raised funds in support of our partnered charities and have supported the environment by having a Fundzzle party. To be featured in our blog, newsletter and our social media posts, please use the “Contact Us” button at the top of the website. We will ask you a few questions and request a photo from you. Your participation will help inspire others to do good!

What is the Fundzzle Certificate?

In honour of your efforts to help the environment and/or support a charity, you may download your Fundzzle Certificate to proudly display at home, the office or to your guests during your event to show how far their contributions have helped. The Fundzzle Certificate states the name of the Event (i.e. Sophie’s 10th Birthday), the amount raised for the specified group gift and/or the charity selected. The Fundzzle Certificate is available for download once the organiser closes the event.

I forgot my password?

Visit the Fundzzle home page and select the LOGIN button on the top right-hand corner. Enter your email address and select the “Forgot Password” button. Fundzzle will send you link in an email to reset your password.

Need help, have questions or suggestions?

Please use the “Contact Us” button at the top of the website for support, enquiries and suggestions to help improve our service to you.