Group Card Signings Made Easy Online

Group collections and group card signings are now easier than ever. No more passing an envelope around, no more handling cash and tracking down others to contribute money and sign a card.

The group card feature is free and available with all Fundzzle event types: invitation only, group gift collection, charity fundraising or both a group gift and a charity collection at the same time.

Simply create your Fundzzle event and send personalised e-invites to others. We then automatically request they add a message, a picture and contribute money (if applicable to the event) when they reply.


We help you track RSVPs, cash contributions, and compile all the wishes into a keepsake group card in one simple click. You can share it electronically as a group e-card or print it as a folded card.

The group card can be customised for any occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or organising a teacher collection, say - "Happy Birthday", "Thank You", "Congratulations", "Farewell" or "Good Luck" - together!